Submissions are Open!

MockingHeart friends! Can you believe it’s already December?

It’s that time of year again–submissions are now open for MHR 7.1, the Winter 2022 issue of MockingHeart Review! You can submit from today until December 31st.

Our theme for this issue is Tranquility. This is an aspirational notion for many of us–the idea of finding calm amidst the whirling maelstrom of these rough recent years. But the best things in life surely take time–so we hope you’ll explore this theme in your creative pieces over this month, from whatever angle seems best to you! When you’re ready, send your poetry and/or artwork our way–we look forward to experiencing it.

In need of a little inspiration, or looking for some fantastic material to read and enjoy? Check out our last issue, MHR 6.3–we have a feeling you’ll dig it.

Here’s to you, as we begin a whole new volume of MHR. We’re so glad you’ve decided to be on this ride with us, friends. Thank you again for your excellent work in the world.

Tyler Robert Sheldon, Editor-in-Chief

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