16 thoughts on “~Volume 1, Issue 2~

  1. Your ‘fan of many colors’ is such an apt logo for a poetry journal with its heart of eclectic poetic love so apparent. Thank you for having me in your pages Clare. So honored.


  2. Stunning work in this issue, Clare. I’m a huge fan of Susan Tepper, Sam Rasnake, and Robert Okaji and look forward to adding more poets to that list. Looking forward to the next issue. Congrats!


  3. What a lovely start to 2016. Sharing word bites and heart songs with so many talented and accomplished poets is an honor. Thanks Clare for your brilliant design and thoughtful editing. I look forward to future issues.


  4. Thank you Clare, for honoring your true path. I’m heartened by the reawakening that poetry inspires in our world today.


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