Howard Faerstein




It’s good to leave the outside light on
because it’s not something I usually do

Then the snow piles
the ridges and grimy hillocks

spread in place and even the moon
is no suitor for the night

I could walk out into the white fullness
and with every step taken

halve the distance

I’d never reach the end







Howard Faerstein’s full-length book of poetry, Dreaming of the Rain in Brooklyn, was published in 2013 by Press 53. A second book, Googootz and Other Poems is forthcoming from Press 53. His work can be found in numerous journals including Great River Review, Nimrod, CutThroat, Off the Coast, Rattle, upstreet, Mudfish and on-line in Gris-Gris, and Connotation. He is Associate Poetry Editor of CutThroat, A Journal of the Arts, a reader for Naugatuck Review and Perugia Press and lives in Florence, Massachusetts.