Nicole Scott




Each angel cut making home in your hands
callously burns in the dusty light. I swear.
And I could all day. This afternoon, it was worth
feeling riotously rickety. I hurt my shin, hurt like hell,
because what is more poesy than that?
I cradle your Gemini dice
in my palms, so you feel in fingerprints
a bouquet of scathing pressure. You’re exquisite
enough to cause an earthquake. Kiwi and strawberry
are our lemonades of choice at tiny bistros, and you
give me a poem to write. “Is anger
derived from pleasure?” The birds were hysteric;
they were so far away, they were clouds. We were choked
by icy sun. We lust to write and be written. We stopped
drinking coffee. I smell the skulking
of a shy and milky winter.




Nicole ScottNicole Scott is a West Virginia native and 2016 graduate from Marshall University with a B.A. in Creative Writing and in Classics. She just returned from studying and traveling in Europe, finding new homes in Rome, Italy and Helsinki, Finland. She has been published in her university’s literary magazine as well as volunteered writing for the non-profit organization, The D20 Girls Project and She is humbled to be published with MockingHeart Review, as it is one of her first publications (with, hopefully, many more to follow).*


*Editor’s Note: We hope many more follow , too!!!