Ira F. Stone



Now that evening has arrived via the wind
I am thrilled to sit by the thunder and wait
for all the rains that wouldn’t come in their

due season the forgotten sheaves of my lover’s
searching for the evening key the way the
curve of the earth might hasten conclusions

new beginning along the spine of the good
old book and when the time for books is
passed then perhaps rituals such as kissing

or lighting candles which cannot manipulate
the eyes of all those who participate even
vicariously in prayer for prayer is always real

and moves in between the barriers of business
between the parked cars of secret police
and only the memory of genocide haunts





Ira F Stone


Ira F. Stone lives and writes in Philadelphia where he served as Rabbi for 26 years and is now Rabbi Emeritus at Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel. He has published several books in the field of Jewish thought, as well as three books of poems. He has also appeared in various poetry magazines.