Patricia Nelson


The air is bright and soft as pollen.  
Then a different kind of shine,
heat and dark and sound that glows.

Something else, something nearer,
mutters in the bottom of the weather.
The monster—here to try the world again.

He rubs our summer with his yellow eye,
moves the air around our skin,
the quiet thoughts in which we hide.

He is bold, he rolls on our beliefs
as if they had an odor and a shape.
He wants what we want, clearly.

We the bright-handed beasts with words.
We make a noise that rises,
bent and many-eyed like insects.

A blue and rolling noise that says we love
the light like warm white rain,
the summer’s cursive purple flowers.

Patricia Nelson is a former environmental attorney who has worked for many years with the “Activist” group of poets in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her latest book, Out of the Underworld, was published recently by Poetic Matrix Press.