O Mayeux


In my arms many flowers


Rigidly construct box: hovel
for safe echo, brown noise.

To this hermitage we offer
chastity: water, ceremony.

Microchip lays claim, stranger
soldered to circuitry in copper, in copper.


See how we turn away from ourselves,
seeing each other as if for the last time.

Love unfastens, you fall out of it;
leave only salt, bones of stardust.

Want for an innocence, child beholden
to the parchment of breast, of breast.


Our parents have sold our country,
imaginationalism a youth so white.

Detached house, untouched whole,
its walls move into me like a cliff.

My poem dissolves in me like aspirin
and still and still my head, my head.


One-way mirror of the dream,
we sit before the ochre robe.

Ring the bell: Lagoon widens
at the conflux, rushes, rushes.

Hushes, hushes—how soft a stream,
algae all tortoiseshell, all tortoiseshell.
in my arms many flowers
in my arms many flowers



Tsanahėnė, from Memory Cycle in Spirit Language

for tanner menard


An alligator a bear a poet
Eyes flit like cardinals
Mantis universe
Compound arthropod bend a corpus

Reach out and touch it
Knows the way
Sings a magic song
Removes poison thick like diesel

Teaches sage and burns it
Rattles a rattle a gourd a shell
Abalone and oyster underfoot
Riddles a riddle of Śariputra

Wonderful this art
Woman man inside them
Writes your grey vibration
Writhes in submerged rainbows

How can I express this life
It is something I remembered
It is someone I knew before
Brother mother sister lover






O Mayeux

O Mayeux (http://4f4d.xyz) is a linguist and artist based in Cambridge, England who writes in English and Louisiana Creole. His first collection, Artefacts, is forthcoming with the Post-Asemic Press.