Susan Tepper




Because your mother wanted to trade us
as babies, suggesting to my mother
that they switch, because you had to
hear this conversation, we both did

clutched on our respective mother’s laps
in a city bus, during summer
and babies know Everything

this crazy idea
proffered from sister to sister

So of course my mother refused, laughed
but ever so politely, that is her way,
the bus chugging along, stopping
at nearly every corner, mother said

fumes coming in through open windows
then her sister looking suddenly distraught
as if she might toss you out.

Because of all that I lent him to you.
When you were lonely and alone.




Susan Tepper is the author of four published books of fiction and a chapbook of poetry.  Her fifth book, a collection titled ‘dear Petrov’ will be released this winter.  Tepper writes the monthly column ‘Let’s Talk’ at Black Heart Magazine, and is the founder/host of FIZZ a reading series at KGB Bar, NYC, these past eight years.

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