Leigh Holland


Threat Ghazal


He’s out there, so stick close by, okay?
He’s part criminal, part decent guy, okay?

Her hexing hand is under par,
but she mastered the evil eye okay.

It’s not that they don’t have a right to keep living,
we just don’t want them living nearby, okay?

-You have nothing to fear. –Nothing to fear?
-So long as you fully comply. –Okay.

Arrest her, arrest them, arrest the dog too.
The well of our patience ran dry, okay?

You followed our Catch-and-Maim protocol,
so the subject’s expected to cry, okay?

“Leigh, clarify where the threat really lies.”
Let’s not ruin a simple goodbye, okay?






Leigh Holland 2018
Leigh Holland grew up in Alabama, got her MFA in Creative Writing and now teaches English in South Korea, home of the world’s best barbecue. Her poetry includes formal verse, southern realism, and fantasy-inspired lyricism. When she’s not teaching, she’s cooking or reading the Harry Potter series in Korean.