Caleb Coy


The Heartwind

Vocalize only the heartwind, the
Crow from the bolder minion of
Stone, or soothsay and sage,
Sever nerves, cover ears.

Blurry advice whispering from
Youth, fearing the older ones,
Equally imperious; each aim
Wrong, eagles gaining the sun.

For all the unknown explored
Our little lights have burned
Give no ear to abolish pain
For naked we crawl on earth.

Caught my tooth in the rind,
I’m groaning, ragwort sprung
Moss on the minion of stone,
Breath of the heart whistling.



Caleb Coy Headshot

Caleb Coy earned his Master’s in English from Virginia Tech and is a freelancer living in Christiansburg, VA. His poems have appeared in StreetlightStonecoast ReviewContemporary American Voices, and North of Oxford. His novel, An Authentic Derivative, was published in 2015.