~Volume 4, Issue 1

With the publication of Volume 4, Issue 1, I say thank you to all of our contributors who have made this work such a joy over the almost four years of this endeavor. It is with joy that I announce the appointment of Tyler Robert Sheldon as Editor in Chief of MockingHeart Review. Tyler has the vision, energy, integrity, and poetic sense that promises an exciting future for poets and readers.  I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the decision to place the leadership position in his hands.

MHR will take a bit of a rest as we undertake the transition process. Expect to hear from us through our blog, Beats, and again in May when Tyler sets forth on this rewarding, enlightening, and fun-filled adventure.

I am so very grateful for the support of so many and for the opportunity to help bring poems I love to the world.

Clare L. Martin, Founding Editor, MockingHeart Review