Margarita Serafimova

23 January 2017


Several chairs are sitting,
beautiful and empty,
signifying fine, unseated existence.



12 March 2017


It is Sunday for you too.
In our separation,
we share weekdays.



It will turn

The tide will turn,
it will be low, the sea will withdraw.
It will become dry.
It will be a desert, and your name will not be written on the sand.


10 March 2017


Night will not reconsider, however much I ruin.
And if I build, night will not reconsider either,
it will fall on me, as many times as necessary,
until I forget that in the morning something bright rains, parallel to up.


11 March 2017


Now I know where it all ends – in memories.
All is gray and in wrinkles.
The invisible matter.




Margarita SerifimovaMargarita Serafimova has published one book of poetry, Animals and Other Gods, in Bulgarian (Sofia University Press, 2016). Her second book, Demons and World, also in Bulgarian, is forthcoming in April 2017 (Black Flamingo Publishing, Sofia). In English, pieces of Margarita’s have appeared in Outsider Poetry, Heavy Athletics, Anti-Heroin Chic, the Peacock Journal, Noble / Gas Quarterly, In Between Hangovers, with others forthcoming in The Stockholm Review of Literature, The Voices Project, Obra / Artifact, and The Birds We Piled Loosely. Margarita is a human rights lawyer.