BD Feil

Something Like A River



Always it should be like a river
flowing yes continuous yes steady
and unconscious like time and timeless too
like two old shoes tied together
twisting in too cold current
but also mean also ruthless
quick to no real point overflowing
and obliterating levees and lives
then by turn and turning
dry and low muddied and indolent
too inhospitable for pleasure craft
a fetid thing of theory and thought
oh all this but don’t forget weak
malleable and soft caving in
to the obviousness of the light
giving way with gratitude to the truth
to the backwash of the sea
the sea
but yes always like a river



BD feil

BD Feil is a poet whose poems have appeared in Slice Magazine, New Haven Review, New Plains Review, Connecticut River Review, Broad River Review, Summerset Review, and many other places. BD Feil writes from Michigan.