Ricky Garni


Carl said the monotone of the rain is beautiful
but it is not a monotone or rather it is a multitude
of monotones which one normally might imagine
as a polytone but that is like saying there is a man
and a woman in an elevator together therefore they
must be married. No, it is a collection of discrete
and unique and lonesome monotones. Carl was
absolutely correct with this. What he forgot to mention
is that they have no additional colors and they do not endure.

I imagine their loneliness as I eat a bowl of rice on a snowy night,
preferring white if only imagined, an elevator door opening with
nothing inside beyond the scream.

Ricky Garni grew up in Miami and Maine. He works as a graphic designer by day and writes music and photographs by night. His latest work, A Glorious Gallop v. An Adagio of Indifference, will be released in the Summer of 2020. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize on seven occasions.