Charles Bane, Jr.



And Then At Times


And then at times
the dips of our marriage are
no different than the falling
into love in Richmond Park
before we started home, and I
wrote every day until the motion
of the ship made me certain that
for every berth going out,
new souls put in, spit from
foam. If I could read Greek or
understand the errand of the
cardinal we watch for with coffee
in our hands, I could make poetry
on the tips of fence spears where
he stops and the fire of you would
go urgently from land to land.







Charles Bane, Jr. is the author of three collections of poetry including the recent The Ends Of The Earth: Collected Poems (Transcendent Zero Press, 2015) as well as I Meet Geronimo And Other Stories (Avignon Press, 2015) and Three Seasons: Writing Donald Hall (Collection of the Houghton Library, Harvard University). He created and contributes to The Meaning Of Poetry series for The Gutenberg Project, and his upcoming The Ascent Of Feminist Poetry is slated for November publication.

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