Byron Beynon


The old, empty rooms
have something to say.
They remember being dimly
aware that the villages and fields
surrounding them have changed,
and the windows have witnessed
scenes of snowstorms
coming in from the east.
The time-tied lyric,
images translated during
the silence of a winter’s morning.
They’d sing for you
if they could,
all the melodies of a crystal minute.
They are left
with the historic dust of past
lives caught dancing
in the brittle sunlight.


The Sketch

My father once sketched
my mother recovering in bed
from a miscarriage,
the hurt he never revealed
but exorcized in their room,
corners of silence
as she slept unaware;
a hard pencil
working the shadow of moist grief
from his mind,
his hand moving across the page
to capture the crystalline mirror of the moment,
losing himself on the paper’s cheekbones
in rhythm with senses which gazed
for so long
as the rain-swept afternoon
continued without respite,
a wasteland of hope
under a patchwork
which neither memory nor heart could erase.




Passing Through

A landscape of arthritic trees,
deformed skeletons and the bumpy,
unsealed road vibrating our frames.
The afternoon bakes,
powder-blue sky
clear and pure
as Sturt’s Desert Pea
acts like a flame
in this wilderness.
Ant-hills the colour of rust,
tricks of light,
stand like gravestones,
black and green trees,
cattle, wind-vanes, telegraph poles,
the abandoned cars
all reel-by as we arrive at Camooweal.
No fuel for two hundred miles
as the sun sits on the horizon.
It is like entering a world of science fiction.
Soon, moonlight will lay a sword of silver
across this antique land.
Hushed and new as darkness comes
the smouldering day ends,
flaring bold again with opal stars.





Byron Beynon 2014


Byron Beynon grew up in a village in West Wales. After living in London, Norway, France and Australia he currently lives in Swansea, Wales. His work has appeared in several publications including Written River, The London Magazine, Poetry Wales, The Yellow Nib, Crannog, and Agenda. Among his collections are The Echoing Coastline (Agenda Editions) and Human Shores (Lapwing Publications).