Sudhanshu Chopra


Are you the words you trill, 
shivering after a hot bath on a 

snow-filled morning? Yet to slip 
on your thermals, the heat leaving 

your bare body already like flies 
scuttled away from sweetmeat, 

chased far out on ice sheets of 
time into the 70s that were all 

about a song about a certain 
hotel with clocks pendulum-less, 

mid-weeks un-separated from 
weekends by ceaseless Thursdays, 

plenty of room to stay under 
the quilt of your skin for as long 

as you want, the way you want. 

Sudhanshu Chopra is a poet, wordsmith and pun-enthusiast. 31 and rootless, he is fascinated by nature and frustrated by its incomprehension. He wishes we had evolved better or not at all. It is the midway that causes Catch 22 situations, which are quite troubling, mentally and otherwise. He tweets at @artofdying_.