Chelsea Logan


It is June.  I am tired of being brave.
– Anne Sexton

I wonder how often 
you sat in front of mirrors, drunk 
on the heels of some disappointment
to pull your face taut
wishing the scars away.

It hummed at first

but you had to be grateful 
for the scraps – 
for any man 
who would make you a mother.

Then it screamed.

Your teeth, so white and smooth 
against the hollows of your face,
barely shown for weeks. 

And that flesh
marred by some small teenage cruelty 
would finally cease
to matter.

Chelsea Logan is a freelance writer living in Nashville, TN. Her editorial work has appeared in The Tennessean newspaper and her poetry has most recently appeared in PIF Magazine and Gravitas Poetry.  Her work will soon be featured in The Cannon’s Mouth, and two anthologies, Verdant and essential, being released by Truth Serum Press and Underground Writers respectively.