Melissa Bonin


In this holy hellish lockdown
I run in place
From myself.
My loneliness climbs
Upon my chest.
A cat curled round a baby’s neck.
After morning bottle.
Sweet milk infused damp breath.
Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.
Intoxicates then suffocates.
Feline focus on the small
White stream that rings
The lips.  Ice cream drips
From the edge of the cone. Licks.

I watch my diaphragm rise and fall.
I watch its diaphragm rise and fall.

Melissa Bonin is a visual artist, poet, lyricist and former mansion artist for Governor Blanco. She was educated at University of Louisiana, Lafayette and L’Université Catholique de l’Ouest, Angers, France. Awards include Bunk Johnson, Trailblazer and Women Who Mean Business. Recent exhibitions and poetry presentations include: Residency Chianti, Italy, Salon du livre, Montréal, San Miguel Poetry Week, Hilliard Museum and New Brunswick (representing Louisiana for The Acadian World Congress). She has presented her poetry to Mexican, Italian, French and Canadian audiences in both English and French. Some poetry and artwork publications include: A Unique Slant of Light, Oxford American, Ô Malheureuse