Sandra Storey


If you do not remember me standing on the rocks,
I do not remember. Nor do my feet cool
in the memory of wading into pools.
My shoulders don’t warm in the spell of the sun,
forgotten then in our attention to each other.
We sat on the boulder, shadows overlapping.
If you do not mention that day
or keep a picture of us
held in your mind
neither can I.

Sandra Storey’s poetry collection Every State Has Its Own Light (Word Poetry, 2014) was a finalist for the May Swenson Poetry Award. Her poetry has appeared in New Millennium Writings, THEMA and the New York Quarterly, among other journals. She founded, published, and edited two Spanish/English neighborhood newspapers in Boston for 20 years. Now she is a columnist for one of them. She is a member of the workshop Jamaica Pond Poets and is co-director of Chapter and Verse Literary Reading Series.