Stacy Larson







Artist Statement:

I live for the times when I find myself lost in nature, both physically and mentally. I lose myself in an instant as I stop to embrace these chance encounters, like the first camellia opening in full bloom. As I stop, time stops, and I let myself get lost in the moment with nature. My senses take control and I see the brilliant fuchsia petals as the sun accentuates its satin finish; I smell its sweet raspberry-like scent; I feel the smooth, firm leaves as I caress them beneath my thumb; I listen to the breeze as it makes each petal tremble.

My work is also informed by the Victorian language of flowers. Each flower conveys an emotion that may otherwise be difficult to express in words. I seek to imitate nature’s captivating presence while communicating a message. I derive each vessel’s form, glaze, and surface design through studying and recreating traditional botanical illustrations. My most recent pieces focus on the relationship between a flower’s meaning and the type of alcoholic drinks made from its leaves or fruit. For example, my gin decanter resembles the bud of a juniper berry. Juniper represents succour, giving support during times of hardship and distress. During the Victorian Era, the lower class would consume gin because it was a cheap way to ‘drown their sorrows’ due to poor working and living conditions. I find these correlations fascinating as I explore various alcoholic beverages and their associated flowers.


Originally from Minnesota, Stacy Larson attended Syracuse University where she received her BFA, double majoring in Ceramics and Jewelry/Metalsmithing with a minor in Retail Management. Stacy has received several awards and scholarships for furthering her ceramic studies, including residencies at the Chautauqua School of Art, NY as well as The Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China. After graduating, Stacy spent a year in St. Petersburg, FL as a resident artist at The Craftsman House. For the past three summers she has worked at Touchstone Center for Crafts in Pennsylvania and taught a couple introductory wheel-throwing workshops there. Stacy recently completed a Post-Baccalaureate program at Louisiana State University and is currently the ceramic intern at the Anderson Ranch, CO. Her work has been shown in galleries throughout the United States.