~Volume 7, Issue 1


Welcome back, MockingHeart friends. It’s been too long.

Here we are in 2022, an alliterative year (how about all those t’s??) that finds us encumbered by the concerns of the past few: the virus, the politics, the climate strife. However, here at the beginning of the year we can also find peace knowing that positive change is always within reach. This Winter issue’s theme, Tranquility, speaks to this idea that quiet moments can resonate even within the din of our lives–and that the world itself may well be capable of peace in its own way.

Our Featured Poet, Amy Sage Webb-Baza, reflects how various moments cosmic and otherwise conceal their own modes of tranquility, as with “The glissando of a sound wave / through a perfect fluid” and “A monolith lifted / on the vibration of a million / monks humming Om,” but also that the universal can be revealed by fleeting personal moments. Tranquility can be happy or, in the seeking of it, not; Isaiah confides the simple perfection of a pierside summer day in “Heaven,” while in “Siderodromophobia Hypnotherapy,” Richard L. Matta’s narrator strives to find peace within a mind wracked by violent trauma. Small instances of inner and outer space are sublime in Lorraine Caputo’s “The Rain’s Silence,” and in “The Sea of the Golden Palace,” Yuan Hongri and Yuanbing Zhang conceptualize the spirituality of happiness by musing on how it is “the memory of heaven.” Peace can find us at any time, in any place, and bearing this in mind can make everything a little easier.

I hope that you too experience tranquility, and that the poems in this issue can help guide you there. Good luck in this new year, dear friends, and as always, thank you for your excellent work in the world.

Tyler Robert Sheldon, Editor-in-Chief