Debra Bailey

The Labyrinth of Relationship


Is it a knowing of unconditional love
when the glass shards pierce and
the world intrudes?

And now you take my hand in marriage.

Is it a trusting that sparks, ignites
into a family of two? And then
duality is everywhere
in you and you.

And now for the vows.

You shed the skin of your ancestors.
I shed the skin of mine.
We mix them up with holy mud
and form something unnamable
in a wilderness of Pines.

There will be times when we step
on prickly cones as if we ourselves
invited the glass bits of the world
into our union.

There will be times when we’ll walk
together on the soft, forest floor and
fall into a moving river like petals
being tossed.

The sapling of the trees will fill our
nostrils, the scent of decayed orange
and yellow leaves too.

But we will pledge our feet to the nights
when we are entwined, twisted, molded
and nudged by this our new child

called a couple.

As the young years grow into the old
ones, we will ride together in a car and
discuss life, use our years of sayings.
Later, we’ll roll up our pants and forge our way








Debra Bailey is a retired English and Special Education teacher who enjoys writing personal essays, short stories, and poems. Her great loves are books, poetry, friends, yoga, substitute teaching, and being a grandmother. She is a member of a writing group in Lafayette, Louisiana, called the Renegade Writers. Her quote on writing: “You ask me, “Why writing?” And I say, “Why cartwheels?” Kids don’t ask such questions.



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