John Swincinski


John, swincinski_experientia_19-613BB
Experientia 19.613BB, Oil on Canvas, 2019

John, swincinski_experientia_19-621GC
Experientia 19.621GC, Oil on Canvas, 2019

John, swincinski_experientia_19-629KP
Experientia 19.629KP, Oil on Canvas, 2019

John, swincinski_experientia_19-703IP
Experientia 19.703 IP, Oil on Canvas, 2019

John, swincinski_experientia_19-731EMC
Experientia 19.731EMC, Oil on Canvas, 2019



John Swincinski

Artist Statement:

My paintings are a reflection on what I have personally experienced in a specific time and place in the past. Most often, nature is my muse. These paintings, while they may reference the landscape, are not in fact landscapes. They instead intend to capture the emotional content of events which have previously unfolded around me.  Some are reflective of stillness and solitude, while others contain thoughts of moving water, weather and wildlife. The age of the Earth and the passage of time become elements. A language of mark making, paint handling, surface treatment and overall process form my artistic voice. I am in a constant search for the way to portray what I witness as the sublime.


John Swincinski (b.1974) was raised in a rural coal mining community in Western Pennsylvania, where he received private art instruction on a wide array of traditional drawing and painting techniques. He earned a vocational certificate in commercial art and graphic design and a B.S.  in Communication from Norwich University. John served 22 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. His military travels exposed him to art and landscapes all over the world and inform his work to this day. John began showing his work again in 2016 and since then he has been included in numerous group and solo exhibitions. John is currently pursuing an MFA from Louisiana State University.