Laurinda Lind


I stay up all night so
the state of the house
won’t freak out the delivery guys
when they get here with
the new refrigerator,
and then the next day I hear
this is your birthday.
Coincidence? Well, yes,
unrelated, even. Yet
I am glad we are both
in this world now
when the sun’s up, so
what else can I do
but write you a poem
before I return
to the fiction of my
unlayered floors.
Meanwhile the calm
of the ordinary chaos,
keeping on coming on, 
I hope you will do that.
I’ll do it, too.

Laurinda Lind, a caregiver as well as a former journalist and English teacher, ended up back in New York’s North Country, near Canada. Some of her poems are in Atlanta Review, Paterson Literary ReviewSpillway, and Xavier Review. She is a Keats-Shelley Prize winner, Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee, and finalist in Joy Bale Boon, Patricia Dobler, Poetry Super Highway, and J.F. Powers annual contests.