Margaret Koger


Night Rain

The forest
A damp lung
Inhales, filling the tent
Soaking me to wake.

The storm
Spending its last silver
Buys absolute
The silence.



Margaret Ann Koger

Margaret Koger lives in Boise, Idaho and received her M. A. from Boise State University. She taught in the public schools where she specialized in creative writing and library services. She worked as an Artist in the Schools for the Idaho Arts Commission. She lives in Boise, Idaho and walks almost daily along the river greenbelt. Her poetry appears in numerous journals including The Amsterdam Quarterly, The Chaffey ReviewCollective Unrest, Thimble, Inez, Headway, Burning House, Voice of Eve and Tiny Seeds Literary Journal. “The Bears of Redfish,” placed 1st in the 2019 summer poetry contest at Forbidden Peak Press.