Ginny Short


you can make of me
a series of numbers
color me all shades
of your indifference
but if you scratch 
my surface
i am awash in rainbows

When Ginny Short is not examining flowers with a close-up lens, or watching how the scales on a lizard’s back glint in the sun she can usually be found writing. She has been published in many venues. Writing is a passion that comes from her love of the natural world. Writing has always been her saving grace: “I can’t think of how many times a line from a poem or story would run through my mind during a particularly difficult time, a hot air balloon that help lift me, my mind, my heart to a place where I could see the rapids I was caught in. Writing frames a path within that leads from the landscape of the world to the poetry of grace, places I find heartbreakingly beautiful and stunningly brutal. A place where hot air balloons are always needed!” She loves reading, writing, photography, and playing with her abundant menagerie, all of whom are rescue animals. She can also be found at