*Featured Artist: Claudio Parentela

Painting 2672, Mixed Media on Cardboard
Painting 2692, Mixed Media on Cardboard
Painting 2693, Mixed Media on Cardboard
Illustrazione 7, Mixed Media on Cardboard
Illustrazione 273, Mixed Media on Cardboard
Untitled 67, Mixed Media on Cardboard

Artist Statement: Sometimes I chase myself, putting myself in my thousand knots. Threads that wrap me up and turn into black and desolate veins. Eyes that brush against me and whisper words to me that I have never told myself. I run, I run without ever falling, almost flying, and I see my naked body covered with a blanket that you gave me so long ago. The contrast is now solved; everything is visible. I was born in a cloud above the distant hill. My art is freaky, stylish, anarchic, colorful, raw and dreamy, romantic, linear, twisted…It’s contemporary  with a touch, sometimes smooth other time strong, weird, anarchic, schizophrenic as me.

Born in Catanzaro (1962-Italy), where he lives and works, Claudio Parentela is an illustrator, painter, digital and mail artist, photographer, cartoonist, collagist, textile artist, and journalist. Active for many years in the international contemporary art scene. He has collaborated with many zines and magazines of contemporary art and comics in Italy and throughout the world, including NY Arts MagazineTurntable + Blue Light MagazineKomix, and LitChaos.