Kelsey Livingston


Cracked, Relief in Shadow Box, 2018

The Weaving Reaper, Relief in Shadow Box, 2018



Livingston Headshot

Artist Statement:

Kelsey Livingston’s artwork explores the concepts of ephemerality, and potential through a visual metaphor. She use birds and space imagery in a combination of printmaking processes to form anthropomorphic narrative imagery. She is interested in the relationship one has to their own mortality and place in the cosmos. She’s working through questions like: How does one deal with oblivion? Does the knowledge of death affect how one approaches new life, or the concept of potential? Each work is representative of a moment her life. The title of each piece is meant to hint at its message. Influenced by writers like Carl Sagan, Gaston Bachelard, she looks to others who talk about phenomenology through the lenses of science and philosophy.


Kelsey Livingston is an American artist who earned her MFA in Studio Art from Louisiana State University, and her BFA from California State University Long Beach. She participates in international arts programs and portfolios. Her work has been shown abroad in Italy, Japan, India and South Korea. She has been awarded grants and scholarships through the Joan Mitchell Foundation, and others. Currently she lives and works as the Director of Visual Arts at the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, and volunteers for Baton Rouge nonprofit organizations: Culture Candy & National Alliance on Mental Illness in the fields artist development and consultation. Her personal artwork can be viewed at