Mary Christine Kane


when we work our entire lives
building towers of intention,
full of compassion,
is it just one brick
removed for the blinding
dust of crash?
I say Universe,
Is it our towers
or those recalcitrant bricks?
Is it so we awaken
to the magnificent sound
of destruction,
so we can again feel the rough dried mud,
the pleasure of building
with many hands?

Mary Christine Kane is a graduate of Hamline University’s MFA program. She is a Moth-winning storyteller. Her poetry has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies including Bluestem; Mutabilis Press, Plainsongs Magazines, Portage Magazine, Right Here, Right Now: The Buffalo Anthology and others. Her essays have been published by Chicken Soup for the Soul, Chicago Story Press, White Ash Literary Magazine and others. Mary’s poetry chapbook, Between the stars where you are lost, was published in 2019. She can be found online at