Seven Years of MockingHeart Review!

Happy Labor Day, MockingHeart friends!

I hope you’re faring well, creating often, and staying upbeat as we transition slowly toward Fall! September is an important month–it marks MHR‘s seventh birthday! We’re thrilled to be in the world as a journal of poetry and art, and wanted to say how grateful we are to you, our readers and our past, present, and future contributors, for helping make this fantastic journey possible! We look forward to bringing you more excellent issues in the years to come–and please remember that our Fall 2022 issue will be published on October 1st. We can’t wait!

If you’re in the mood to celebrate with us, take a look through our blog, Beats, to revisit some of the wonderful moments we’ve shared with writers and artists including you! Also, have a look through our previous issues, if you have the time–they’re all available to read for free! The fantastic work of MHR‘s past continues to inform the shape of our future.

Have a relaxing week, MHR friends, and thank you again for your excellent work in the world.


Tyler Robert Sheldon, Editor-in-Chief

One thought on “Seven Years of MockingHeart Review!

  1. Congratulations, Tyler! That is an exciting milestone! The Ekphrastic Review (Canada) just celebrated their 7th, too.

    Alarie Tennille



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