Tomorrow: MHR (Themed) Submissions Open!

Hi, MockingHeart Friends! How have things gone for you this month? Hard to believe that it’s almost December, that excellent month of wintery celebrations. Tomorrow is also the first day of our Winter 2023 submission period–and a great way to get in a festive mood is by sending some work to your favorite online magazine, MHR!

For the upcoming issue, we’ll be open for submissions from December 1-31, with a February 1, 2023 publication date. Take a bit of time to reflect and create–we’d love to see your work this reading period.

Our Winter 2023 theme is Resourcefulness, which signifies the ability to overcome difficulties quickly or cleverly–a skill we might all find useful in this putatively post-COVID era. Submit your poetry and/or artwork that fits this idea in a way that makes good sense to you–we’ll be excited to see it. And please pass the word along to the writers and artists in your life, too.

Finally: If you haven’t yet taken a peek at our riveting Fall 2022 issue, please do. Some stellar work await you therein. You’ll come away feeling inspired!

Thanks again for being part of the MockingHeart family! Keep up your excellent work in the world, and we’ll talk again soon.

Tyler Robert Sheldon, Editor-in-Chief

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