Submissions are Open!

MockingHeart friends! Happy August.

Can you believe how fast the year is moving? Submissions are now open for MHR 7.3, the Fall 2022 issue of MockingHeart Review! You can submit from today until August 31st.

This issue’s theme is Heartbreak. There are many ways this concept can be interpreted, and just for kicks, here’s a useful article on the concept to get things started. When you’re ready, send your poetry and/or artwork our way! We look forward to experiencing it.

We hope you’re staying healthy, happy, and inspired. Keep on creating, friends–and as always, thank you for the excellent work you do in the world.

Tyler Robert Sheldon, Editor-in-Chief

2 thoughts on “Submissions are Open!

  1. Rest

    Driving to the High Sierras
    On the plaines a stop and go, with a lonely red blinking light
    The James Dean Memorial Intersection, middle of nowhere
    Driving a California highway into sky
    Moving through ranch country and tumble weeds
    To thin air scrubbed clean by mountain redwoods
    Bedded clouds slide silent across a heaven
    A postcard view from Inspiration Point
    North of Lake Henderson
    To scatter a mother’s ashes
    To say goodbye to a wife
    Scattered over a deep green bush
    Guarding a ten foot camp cross

    At that moment of release
    Wind comes from the valley to take her
    A good end after four years searching
    For her “lovely place somewhere”
    Held by redwood giants, protective trees
    While two daughters say goodbye

    A husband grieves
    Knowing someday he will return
    Crossing the intersection one last time
    Where the road sign says:
    “James Dean, dead at 24
    Cut short by speed
    After only three films:
    Rebel without a Cause
    East of Eden

    The girls return to L.A. and K.C.
    Back to their lives and loves
    And he will, one day, remain
    Top of the mountain with her
    As the wind will take him too
    To reunite under the deepest of blue skies

    Dan Pohl


    Dan Pohl is a professor of composition and creative writing at Hutchinson Community College in Hutchinson, Kansas. As a Kansas poet, Dan writes about the people and natural rural country that surrounds him. Much of his work and publications are found online typing “Kansas poet Dan Pohl.”He lives in the farming community of Moundridge, Kansas.


  2. Excellent poem, Dan! I hope you’re doing well. Be sure to send in some work during our reading period (and we’re open until August 31)!


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