Spooky Good News!

Happy Halloween, MockingHeart friends!

I hope you’re all staying warm on this chilly Halloween morning. It’s even brisk here in Baton Rouge, which is notable any day, but it’s especially festive today. I wanted to spread the word about some great MHR material heading your way soon!

First, as you might already know, our Fall 2019 issue (MHR 4.3) will be out in the world tomorrow! The issue is full of excellent poetry and art for the start of November–all of it liminal in some way, just like this season. Also coming soon is an interview with poet and educator Gillian Wegener, the featured poet from this year’s Spring/Summer issue (MHR 4.2)! Watch this space for these stellar happenings.

Also important: the season is upon us for Pushcart Prize nominations! Keep an eye on the MHR blog this November for notification of that happy news–and of course, if you follow MockingHeart Review you’ll receive that update and all others forthcoming via email.

Okay, have a great day–and until next time, keep on being spooky…

Tyler Robert Sheldon, Editor-in-Chief


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