Pushcart Prize Nominations!

Hi, MockingHeart friends,

We at MockingHeart Review are proud to announce this year’s nominations for the Pushcart Prize:

“For Myself in Some Other Life,” by Peycho Kanev

“Lineage,” by Jennifer Lothrigel

“The One You Love Most,” by Nathan Elias

“Goldilocks,” by Rebecca Hart Olander

“ellipses,” by Rae Rozman

“This poison dress is simply laced,” by Thomas Mixon

Congratulations to these poets, and many thanks to ALL of our MHR contributors for your excellent work in the world–it’s a privilege to read and publish your creations. Here’s to another great MockingHeart Review year!

PS – More information about the Prize and Pushcart Press can be found here.

Tyler Robert Sheldon, Editor-in-Chief

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