One Week until our Fall Reading Period!

Hi again, MockingHeart Friends!

Our Fall 2020 issue opens for submissions on August 1st, 2020, with a planned October 1st publication date! Take a bit of time to reflect and create–we’d love to see your work this reading period!

Our Fall 2020 theme is Equality.

I hope you’re healthy and well these days! It’s been an interesting summer, to say the least–many of our usual activities have been curtailed, and for those of you who’ve been out and about, we hope you’ve been safe and careful. We also wanted to say thank you again to all our amazing contributors and readers. You all help MHR keep putting excellent issues into the world. If you haven’t yet taken a peek at our great Spring/Summer 2020 issue, please do! There’s so much excellent work therein. You’ll come away feeling inspired!

Thanks again! Keep up your excellent work in the world, and we’ll see you soon.

Tyler Robert Sheldon, Editor-in-Chief

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