Our Winter 2021 Issue is HERE!

Hi again, MockingHeart Friends!

Our new issue is now published, and you can take a look at it here! We hope that you enjoy these excellent works of art and words–and that, in this new year that sometimes feels so much like the last, you might feel inspired to create as well. 

For those impacted by our world’s current crises (ever-multiplying as they seem to be), please know that our thoughts and hopes remain with you. Have a fulfilling weekend, MHR friends, and thank you for all the excellent work you do in the world!

Tyler Robert Sheldon, Editor-in-Chief

3 thoughts on “Our Winter 2021 Issue is HERE!

  1. Hello, Tyler et al.,
    I just want to let everyone know how deeply I was touched by these works and how some brought me to tears though, I suppose, these are the days when I am brought to tears more easily, particularly by the wizardry of amazing poetry and deep sentiment.
    Rosaria C


    1. Thanks so much, Rosaria, and we’re glad the pieces spoke to you! They really are excellent works. 🙂



  2. Dear Tyler,

    Thanks for the new issue of MockingHeart Review, and thanks again for including my work. I particularly enjoyed Sara Quayle’s poetry in this issue – gorgeous and devastating.

    Best wishes, Mary



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