Submissions for our Spring/Summer Issue Open Tomorrow!

MockingHeart Review Friends! It’s been too long.

I hope that you’re all weathering this odd new world well enough, and that you’ve found the time to enjoy your creativity, whether you write, make visual art, or work best through enjoying the creations of others. These are all form of making, and we at MHR are heartened to know you are crafting the world in your way. We also hope you’ve enjoyed our Winter 2020 issue, which features excellent poets and artists who astound in their talent. As you may have also noticed, that issue’s theme was Solitude–a theme that applies just as readily to our current moment.

As you’ve seen, our Spring/Summer 2020 issue (MHR 5.2) opens for submissions tomorrow! This is a strange time for us all, no doubt, and it may seem just as strange to submit your creations to a literary magazine in such a climate. The last thing we wish is to add to your to-do list. However, if and/or when you choose to submit (which you can do all through the month of April!), we promise to respect and value your work just as highly as we always have. You, our readers and contributors past, present, and future, are the backbone of our journal, and as always we’d honored to have you.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and as ever, thank you for your excellent work in the world.

Tyler Robert Sheldon, Editor-in-Chief

2 thoughts on “Submissions for our Spring/Summer Issue Open Tomorrow!

  1. Hi, Tyler. I assume you’d rather authors take a break between issues. Do you have a preference in how long we wait to send again?

    Alarie Tennille



    1. Hi, Alarie,
      Good to hear from you. You’re correct, and you can find that information in our Submission Guidelines:

      “If your work has been accepted for an issue, please wait one full issue from publication before submitting again during the next open submission period. Always wait to hear from us regarding your submission before sending additional work.”


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