One More Day to Submit!

Hi, MockingHeart Review Friends,

I hope you’re healthy and happy today, as we near the simultaneous end of April and our submission period for the Spring/Summer issue of MHR.

Just sending this note to remind you that submissions close tomorrow at 11:59 PM Central Time! Until that time, feel free to send us your work–we’ll be glad to view it! Remember that this issue is restricted by NO theme–though of course, this time lends itself to certain subjects.

If you’ve already sent your artwork or poetry our way, thanks very much! We’re looking forward to experiencing your creations, and we’ll get back to you soon.

Be well, and as always, thank you for your excellent work in the world.

Tyler Robert Sheldon, Editor-in-Chief

One thought on “One More Day to Submit!

  1. Hi, Robert.

    I assume you’d rather poets wait an issue or two between submissions, so I’m holding off. Look forward to reading the next one, though. Do you have a preferred wait time?

    Alarie Tennille



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